The Big Date

Public Health in co-production

The Hackathon

“Join forces to help public and personal health become future-proof.”

Health is a broad concept that stretches further than ‘not being ill’. Being healthy also means being able to adapt and self-manage, in light of the physical, emotional and social challenges of life.

Public health aims at preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health on a population basis. This means a holistic approach on health, including aspects as resilience and well-being, social participation and quality of life.

Open data and digital information available today and tomorrow will change the way we live, work and play. Can you imagine and prototype a model for a state-of-the-art public health application for tomorrow? Enjoy the adventure of exploring new and unseen solutions, together with fellow time travellers during this two-day hackathon.

Personal domain

  • ownership for your health
  • self sufficiency in the case of problems
  • helping other people in your surroundings
  • personal health checks and devices to monitor your personal health
  • owner of your own patient files from GP’s, hospital etc

Public health domain

  • Monitoring of public health by data
  • Protection and monitoring of vulnerable people’s health
  • A healthy public environment
  • Supervision on f.e. day care facilities
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Management of incidents and public health crisis

“How do the personal and the public domain of health become a brilliant date?”


10 & 11 December 2016


Tilburg, Spoorzone gebouw 84 – House of Creative Concepts
This venue is the perfect place to be creative, collaborative and productive!
Next to the central train station Tilburg.


Creative thinkers and solutions developers (such as designer, ICT professional, hacker, artist, student, healthy living expert…)


First prize: € 1.500,-
Second prize: € 1.000,-
Third prize: € 500,-

Registration is free for individuals. Register now to ensure early bird benefits.

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This hackathon is organised by GGD Hart voor Brabant, in collaboration with GGD West-Brabant and GGD Zuidoost-Brabant. We thank Fontys Academy for Creative Industries for hosting the location at the House of Creative Concepts. The production is designed and coordinated by MAD emergent art center.

Time table

Saturday 10 december
9:30 Doors open
10:00 Start
10:15 Pitch of challenges
10:45 Team up
11:00 Brainstorm
12:00 Hacking
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Resume hacking
15:00 Lightning talk
15:30 Resume hacking
16:30 Update
18:00 Diner
19:00 Resume Hacking
Sunday 11 december
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Energy boost
11:30 Lightning talk
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Hacking
14:00 Lightning talk
14:15 Hacking
15:30 Presentations
12:30 jury deliberation
17:00 Prizes
17:30 After drink
Saturday 10 december Sunday 11 december
9:30 Doors open 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 Start 10:30 Lightning talk
10:15 Pitches of challenges 12:00 Lunch
10:45 Team up 12:30 Hacking
11:00 Brainstorm 14:00 Lightning talk
12:00 Hacking 14:15 Hacking
12:30 Lunch 15:30 Presentations
13:00 Resume hacking 16:30 jury deliberation
15:00 Lightning talk 17:00 Prizes
13:00 Resume hacking 17:30 After drink
16:30 Update
19:00 Resume hacking



Tilburg, Spoorzone gebouw 84

House of Creative Concepts
This venue is the perfect place to be creative, collaborative and productive!

Contact information

For questions and more information, please contact MAD
T: +31(0)40 21 33 032