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GGD Hart voor Brabant

GGD Hart voor Brabant is a public organization in a rapidly changing environment. Transitions in the social domain and health care systems influence the role of the GGD / public health. In the ‘participation society’ roles of citizens change, and hence so does the role of public organizations such as the GGD.

All Dutch municipalities have the task to protect, guard and promote the health of their inhabitants. To carry out these tasks, the municipalities have a community health service. The Netherlands has 25 local community health services scattered all over the country. They are responsible for preventive health care.
Almost all residents visit the GGD at least once in their lives. Parents of young children regularly visit a child health centre (‘consultatiebureau’), travellers to the tropics are advised and properly vaccinated and the GGD is dedicated to secure the health and well-being of e.g. drug addicts, homeless people and prostitutes. We advise municipalities on public health topics and policy, and provide medical assistance at accidents and disasters.

Our mission: to guard, protect and promote the health of all residents, with extra attention payed to vulnerable people. We do this by preventing health risks and promoting health of all residents. We believe health is necessary to be able to participate in society. That is why we emphasize:

–    A healthy life in a healthy environment for all people
–    Health benefits by investing in prevention
–    Putting people’s needs at the centre of our services
–    Special attention to vulnerable people

See Our policy and vision 2017-2021 (in Dutch)(PDF, 411 KB) or our corporate movie: